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CrossCountry race

The 101st IR race in down town Reykjavík will be held on the First Day of Summer.  The IR race was first held 1916 and has since then been an integral part of the City of Reykjavik’s First Day of Summer celebrations.  No sporting event in Iceland has such a long and continuous history as the IR race.  Further information can be fountd on the race’s Facebook site. The race is 5 km and is held in the heart of the city’s down-town area.  The race is comprised of three competitions:

Date and time

First day of summer, 21st.  April at 12:00. The race starts at Tryggvargata and finish line is at Arnarhvol (near to  Harpa - Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Center). Map of the route can be viewed here.



Registration will on-line at until midnight on 20. April.  Runners are encouraged to register on-line as the entry fee increases after midnight on the 20th of April. Registration will be open on race day at Kolaport Parking Lot near Harpa (location map) from 9:30  AM until 11:00 AM.

Runners who pre-register can pick up their registration package on the 20th of April at ÍR, Skógarsel 12, 112 Reykjavík from 16:30 PM - 19:00 PM. All other runners must pick up their registration package in Kolaport Parking lot prior to the run on April 21st  from 9:30 AM -11:00 AM.



For those who pre-register before midnight on April 19th 2016

  • 1800 ISK for 16 years old and older.
  • 1500 ISK for 15 years old and younger.

Registration 20th of April and race day registration

  • 2800 ISK for 16 years old and older.
  • 2000 ISK for 15 years old and younger.



5 km. The route is through down town Reykjavik. Distances in km will be marked with signs along the route. Map of the route: [PDF].



Chip timing. The chips must be returned after the race.  The race timing ends at 13:00 or 60 minutes after the start of the race.



Drinking station after the race.

Age categories

There are 8 age division for men and women

12 years and younger

13-15 years old

16-18 years old

19-29 years old 

30-39 years old

40-49 years old

50-59 years old

60-69 years old

70 years old and older. 

Prize and  prize ceremony

  • All children 15 years of age and younger receive a medal and older who paid for medal when registering.
  • First 3 male and female runners receive a medal.  In addition the first Icelandic male and female runners.
  • First runner in each age category both male and female.  
  • All participants are elegible for surprize give away prizes that will be handed out after the race.

The price ceremony will take place by Arnarhvol (where the race ends) or inside the Parking Lot depending on weather at 12:45.


Storage for clothing – restrooms

The restrooms are located in Kolaport Parking Lot and Harpa. You can leave your clothing at Kolaport Parking Lot during the race but the organizers do not take any responsibility for them.


Other information

All participants must have their bib number fastened to their front and visible at all times. This is a street race and some traffic throughout the course so runners are asked to be cautious. There will be aids at all the big intersections throughout the course. Due to security participants are asked not to run with an iPod or any other music players. Also runners are not allowed to have a baby carriage or a baby jogger in the race.  Timing will stop 60 minutes after the start of the first distance. Runners arriving to the finishing area after those 60 minutes have elapsed will not get a registered time.


Race director

Inga Dís Karlsdóttir,

Last updated 16.03.2016