Every person is glamorous, with expensive bags and exquisite jewellery. And every corner of the city is clean and tidy, only the small figure outside the large glass window is incompatible. Her dress and expressions are not incompatible with this bustling metropolis. A girl from the country, a girl who is eager for money, looks at the expensive and delicate jewelry in the window, dreaming that she can get this one day, but how long it will last, no one knows.

The passage of time has changed the innocent heart of a person. In this world of living on money worship, money really can dominate everything. At the time, the girl who wanted to get expensive jewelry finally got the wish, but it seems she lost something, her eyes became muddy and not as clear as before, as if there was something that she couldn’t tell, she became a communicative flower, and walked around every man in the upper class every day. Money is like a drug. Once you have eaten its sweetness, you will become addicted to it, and you will be inseparable from it. And even try your best to get it.

The exquisite Tiffany jewelry in the window flashed into the girl’s eyes, which reflected the girl’s heart, so that she could not feel at ease. People always wanted to get good things. This is the mentality that everyone will have, maybe some people will turn it into power, while some people, our little girl has turned this reason into an excuse for her own degeneration. One day, she fell into a quagmire that was unable to extricate yourself.

In fact, behind every person who admires vanity, they are all sad, they always feel inferior and need to use luxurious things to cover up their deficiencies. Whether they are rich people wearing gold and silver, or poor people who are not wrapped in clothes, they all have. Like to buy luxury goods and look for some superiority from this writing. In fact, the founders of every luxury goods so famous today is not from a person who has nothing but to the last.

In 1837, New York, USA, a small storefront located at 259 Broadway selling stationery and jewellery is called Tiffany & Young. Among a high-rise building and a luxury group of New York,  this small shop is just plain. But never to underestimate any unremarkable brand. Every brand is built with a firm belief in the founder. Tiffany always wants to have a world-class jewelry brand, which coincides with the Americans who became rich after the first industrial revolution that are eager to have the finest jewellery like the European royal family, hoping to have jewelry that can symbolize their identity, when Tiffany opened the door to actively search for precious jewelry in Europe. Soon, with his unique design style, Tiffany shined in the American jewelry field, and then created many classic designs.

There are many stories that Tiffany can’t forget for a long time. According to legend, during the Civil War, when the American president was Lincoln, under a state of severe war, Lincoln still insisted on buying a necklace at Tiffany jewelry store for his wife. She wore it at her inauguration ceremony, which is enough to illustrate how high Tiffany occupied in the hearts of Americans at the time, and it is incredible that Tiffany company’s Atlas lamp in 1853 suddenly stopped when President Lincoln was assassinated, it may be a coincidence, but it must be said that Lincoln’s influence on the United States is so great, such a person with a high status is favored of Tiffany, so how big Tiffany’s status is.

A talented designer is also a smart businessman, since he knows how to make his brand bigger and bigger. This process is very difficult, but the result is always expected. Anyone who has devoted his life to the brand is without no reason to get better. Tiffany is just like this. From a small stationery store that is not known to a premier jewelry band in the United States at the end. This process may only be understood by itself.

A brand that admires nature, yet is elegant and exquisite, can be displayed without exception in each of its works. Each piece of work is not just an object. The reason why Tiffany’s works can best touch you is that you can see its soul from its works. Every piece shows the enthusiasm, straightforwardness, unrestrainedness, and freedom of the Americans. The low-key silver has always been their pursuit. This is just as Tiffany always insisted, simple and elegant.

“Jewelry is silent, but more impressive to women than any language”, Shakespeare said. If I have an opportunity to choose a jewelry spokeswoman from Hollywood female stars, it must be Elizabeth Taylor. From 18 to 79 years old, seven husbands and eight marriages left the wounds of love and a great number of jewelries to her. Men captures women’s hearts by sending jewelries to their lovers since antiquity. Few women received so many pieces jewelry, and Elizabeth Taylor is one of them. Looking back on Taylor’s entire life, I’m afraid that jewelry others sent to her circles the earth once. From Taylor’s Tiffany jewelry, whom did Taylor fall in love with?

20th Century Fox made a movie Cleopatra in which Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton starred in 1962. It is also Taylor’s moat iconic film. It’s said that Taylor was afraid of Richard Burton, because he was a gifted actor all people commended and praised. When Taylor in Egyptian eye makeup walked into the shooting area, Mr. Burton walked up to her and praised her, “Have you ever been told that you are beautiful?” Years later, Taylor often recalled with a smile the romantic moment. When Miss Taylor and Mr. Burton shot the first scene before the video camera, many staff felt their love on the set. Taylor’s fourth husband Eddie Fisher often visited the set and accompanied her during filming. The love between Taylor and Burton could be felt by staff and Eddie Fisher in the quiet shooting sites. Finally, Taylor ended their marriage with Eddie Fisher on March 6, 1964. On 15th of the same month, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton got married in Montreal, Canada.

Tiffany Dolphin Brooch

They had beautiful and happy time during their marriage. In order to celebrate Taylor’s new film debuts, The Night of the lguana (1964), Richard Burton invited Jean Schlumberger to design and make a Chic Tiffany Dolphin brooch. The dolphin-shaped Tiffany brooch in 18K yellow gold set with white round-cut diamonds and jadeite. Taylor once wore the brooch on her high bun.

Tiffany Fleur de Mer Brooch And Earrings

In 1965, Richard Burton gave Tiffany Fleur de Mer brooch and earrings designed by Jean Schlumberger as a gift to his wife Elizabeth Taylor. Tiffany Fleur de Mer,  which was made of diamonds, sapphires, platinum and yellow gold, foiled perfectly glamour of the legendary film star.

Jean Schlumberger drew the design drafts before creating new works, and the design drafts has collected and shown in Deco Art Museum in Paris. People were addicted to his jewelry works inspired by creatures of nature. To today, Tiffany classic jewelry with a long history still are top-rank pieces of the most popular Tiffany lists. Time changes! Beautiful girls get older! Jewelry is shining forever. The glamour of Elizabeth Taylor is frozen in old times.

No matter you are rich or poor, you may own some pieces of jewellery. They are expensive or less expensive, but they’re yours. Nobody will complain she has too many pieces of jewellery. Jewellery represents love, family affection and feelings. Every piece of them represents a story or a mood. When you pick up one, good memory will come to your mind. In short, to collect Jewellery is an interesting hobby. Whether you are happy or not, your heart talks.

Jewellery brands are beyond count all over the world, top, luxury or affordable brands. When it comes to the most popular color with girls, Tiffany will be the top one, because Robin blue reminds people of Tiffany. It has made many miracles, and classic jewels by Tiffany are praised, like Tiffany Keys Necklaces. A key is used to open a door. Following the trend, designers liken a key and a lock to love between men and women. After the moral got popular, the key-inspired jewellery products sprang up. In ancient era, a necklace is a symbol of power, status and strength. To today, it has been an accessory closest to the heart. The marriage of a key and a necklace has been seen as a creative design.

There are a great number of jewellery brands globally, and the key-shaped necklaces are beyond count. Only Tiffany Keys becomes the classic, impressive one, so that it comes to your mind immediately when the key-theme necklaces are talked. Why are Tiffany Keys Necklaces so popular? Because Tiffany Keys is an echo combining dreams and jewellery. Tiffany Keys necklaces hanging the chest front, closer to the heart, listen to the deepest voice, and they encourage their owners to move forward. A key can open the infinite possibilities in the future. It’s the spirit a piece of jewellery conveys.

Different types of keys nobility used to open jewellery boxes, luggage cases and notebooks even private clubs and manors are collected in Tiffany’s Collection. Inspired by keys before more than one century, Tiffany & Co. has created a key to open happiness. Every Tiffany Keys necklace symbolizes success in the grasp. As a top jeweller, Tiffany always concerns about the proportion, lines, materials and the best wearing effect. It’s the right design that makes Tiffany Keys necklaces perfect and hot. Tiffany prefers to choose independent female celebrities to promote its Keys necklaces, like Liu Wen, Elle Fanning, Christy Turlington Burns, Lupita Nyong’O. Maybe they are not perfect, but they are independent, confident and brave women. They are models for girls to follow.

So far, nobody can tell how many Tiffany Keys necklaces Tiffany has designed. But, there will be a key to open your heart and tell you to move forward. Mankind lives happily on a heart, not a strong body. Faith is a kind of strength. Tiffany Keys leads you to the better tomorrow.

Tiffany, a symbol of American designs, has enjoyed a high reputation with love and beauty, romance and dream for nearly two centuries. Inspired by olive leaves symbolizing peace, joy and hope, Paloma Picasso, a famous jewelry designer, designed the Olive Leaf collection for Tiffany. There are many bushy olive trees around her house in Morocco, do the Olive Leaf jewelry is injected into her rich personal emotion. In fact, olive trees have close connection with a fairy tale. Therefore, Tiffany Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf jewelry has a deep meaning of traditional culture.

It’s said that Athena taught the human being to farm, and she was highly respected by them. As a result, that caused the envy of Poseidon, the God of sea ans earthquakes in ancient mythology. Although the gods came to mediate the settlement between Athena and Poseidon, but it didn’t work. After discussion, they would determine to judge the one who could give a more useful item to the human being was the winner. Poseidon hit the ground with his trident, and then an invincible war horse flied from the crack, neighing and wearing golden light. Athena pointed to the city wall with her spear, and then an olive tree grew up rapidly at the corner. Athena said to human being, “It can light up the dark, remove the trauma, treat diseases and symbolize peace.” Human being and Golds thought that Athena made a greater contribution to human. So, her guard would protect the Olive tree. European people has considered the tree as the divine grace since then. They relied on olive trees in their daily life and treatment of diseases.

From the fairy tale, we know that the olive tree or the olive leaf is always the theme in the field of design. Paloma Picasso used the olive leaf-styled jewelry to express her rich personal emotion and attitude towards peace. She is an attractive lady, because she is reputable for her bold design style all over the world. She inherits rich imagination from her father Pablo Picasso and elegant temperament from her mother Françoise Gilot. Her father Pablo Picasso drew a dove with a branch of olive leaves in its mouth for the first World Peace Council the Soviet Union held. The simple but powerful painting has been the most famous sign of peace since then. Pablo Picasso named Paloma Picasso his daughter because Paloma means a dove in Spanish. What’s more, the olive leaf is a sign of peace and hope.

Tiffany Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf collection pays tribute to the olive tree as a universal symbol of peace and harmony. Intricate branches of sterling silver or 18k gold form pendants and cuffs while hand-cut cabochons are entwined in tiny leaves for vivid rings and luxuriant earrings.

Jewelry is the best friend of a women, and it is a truth for any woman, especially those ladies who influenced the Times. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy owned many pieces of jewelry many women dreamed. She said jewelry had an epoch-making significance for herself. In 1996, 559 pieces of luxury diamonds and jewelry were displayed at Sotheby’s auction house, making a hit.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was born on July 28th, 1929 in New York, Wife of the 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. She was just 32 years old when she became the First Lady. John Fitzgerald Kennedy wasn’t the President of the United State when they got married. Owing to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, President Kennedy could be the youngest president in the history of the United State. Jacqueline’s elegant image enhanced John F. Kennedy’s public image and taste. During the President election, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy helped Kennedy win a great many votes. After they lived into the White Palace, she promoted the culture about the White Palace and established White Palace Arts Council. She also raised money to decorate it and shot documents in order to show history and architectural style of the White Palace. The title “the First Lady” means the spokesman of the United Stated. The Kennedy would be the only focus every time they appeared. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy added brilliance to his husband’s image in the political circle. President Kennedy satisfied her demands of customized jewelries and high fashion clothes.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy VS Marilyn Monroe
Young and attractive President Kennedy had quite a few pursuers, and the most famous one is Marilyn Monroe. Facing the affair, Jacqueline Kennedy showed her attitude and standpoint. She didn’t care the sexy lady appeared on President Kennedy’s birthday party. She went traveling with her kids. In the end, Marilyn Monroe “suicided” in her house.
Fashion Icon
170cm-tall Jacqueline has born model look. She didn’t have perfect face, wide eye span on her a square face, but, Jacqueline was good at the skills of dress matching, and she thought that simple but delicate style embodied a woman’s taste best. The word “Jackie Look” made a hit across the United State during being the First lady. Her exclusive designer Oleg Cassini said that no woman didn’t want to wear the same dress, hairstyle and jewelry as Jacqueline. To today, her looks still are classic and stylish. It was destined such a legendary lady just was a fashion icon.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and Her Tiffany
What could make the fashion icon touched? Tiffany! Tiffany was approved by Jacqueline very much. She gave a Tiffany cigarette case in yellow gold to her secretary friend Helen Lempart. President Kennedy knew that Jacqueline’s love for Tiffany, so he expressed his love with Tiffany jewelry. In order to celebrity the birth of their son, President Kennedy ordered Tiffany Two Fruit brooch for his wife although he was busy preparing inauguration ceremony. The two fruits symbolizes their two children. The brooch was the first jewelry designed by Jean Schlumberger. Jacqueline likes it very much, so she wore it several times. In 1962, President Kennedy sent Tiffany Enamel bangles in gold with gemstones as a gift. Jacqueline likes the bangle very much so that she collected the same model in different colors. She often wore several pieces. As time flies, she still liked wearing Tiffany Enamel bangles.

Product placement in movies is a more popular mean of advertising, but the stiff or abrupt way is easy to be criticized. It is true that jewelry has the power of freezing an era and improves a movie magically, but the jewelry must fit the movie well. As for the film Anna Karenina in 2012, product placement caused dissatisfaction of fans and audience. The jewelry Anna was wearing was supported by Chanel Joaillerie Collection, but it’s obvious that the jewelry isn’t suitable for the social background of the film. On the contrary, Tifffany &Co and the film The Great Gatsby which was released in 2013 is a successful cooperation. Tiffany jewelry based on the film background brings audience back to the “Jazz Age”.

The Great Gatsby adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name in 1925. It told a story happened in New York, America in the 1920s. High jewelry people wore was used to show one’s status and wealth in that Golden city, and with the help of Tiffany high jewelry, the film was faithful historical depictions. The reasons for cooperating with Tiffany&Co include two pieces. One is that F. Scott Fitzgerald was a loyal client of Tiffany. The other is that the first design director Louis Comfort Tiffany enjoyed the wealthy community in Long Island. Tiffany&Co collects many pieces of amazing jewelry from the 1920s.

Baz Luhrmann, who was nominated for the best director Oscar, cooperated with Catherine Martin (a fashion designer) and Tiffany&Co to finish the film. The film told a Golden age when the rich men were addicted to luxury life and brilliant high jewelry. There is no doubt that Tiffany’s Antique Collection is the source of inspiration for fashion ans style in the film.

In an opening scene, Gatsby’s Daisy ring and Daisy’s Engagement ring made their appearance first. Through their accessories, audience know something about the affection between Gatsby and Daisy. That’s not enough, but Tiffany jewelry for Gatsby and daisy run through the entire film. Gatsby’s Ziegfeld Daisy Cuff links, Daisy’s Savoy Headpiece, Ziegfeld collection and Legacy earrings came from Tiffany&Co., and these jewelry pieces foil perfectly Daisy’s attractive charm. In addition to high jewelry collection, the fine porcelain, the silver-made table wares and other decorations displayed in Jay Gatsby’s home were designed by Tiffany&Co..

The film The Great Gatsby makes Tiffany win the higher reputation and attention all over the world, and the film is spoken highly in the Globe. The cooperation between the film and Tiffany is a win-win choice.

When it comes to the word “goddess”, who will you remind of? The first one that comes to my mind is Audrey Hepburn. I adore her as my goddess. I appreciate her beauty, elegance and noble manner in front of film cameras, as well as I respect her contribution towards charity. I like one of her films-Breakfast at Tiffany’s which made a hit in the history of American films. So far, the film has been one of the most classic Love&Fashion films, and it had highest box office in Hepburn’s films. Audrey Hepburn wore The Tiffany Diamond to advertise her film-Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In fact, Tiffany&Co. didn’t invest the film, but Tiffany arise in the film, so we know Tiffany had been famous at that time.

Tiffany & Young was opened by Charles Lewis Tiffany and his partners in New York in 1837. The little stationery & accessory store had developed into a world-famous jewelry store. At that time, America was a new-born country, and America that started to be rich respected ancient European culture and desired to obtain affirmation from the world. As a member, Charles Lewis Tiffany collected European jewelries and studies jewelry designing. He aimed to build a top-grade jewelry brand in the world. One year later, Tiffany got famous in America. Accessories and tableware in silver made in Tiffany were accepted and used widely by American upper class.

To 1886, Tiffany launched The Tiffany setting collection, and the Tiffany Setting diamond ring became the most classic six-griffe diamond ring. Tiffany, the American jewelry brand was able to complete with European jewelry brands. Different from European styles, Tiffany symbolized American spirit-original beauty, simple style and pure love. Celebrities that wore Tiffany jewelries included Mrs Lincoln, Mrs. Roosevelt, Audrey Hepburn, Cate Blanchett and so on. To today, many celebrities and famous stars in Tiffany T, Tiffany Key or Tiffany Heart were spotted in the public. We often see Tiffany in many films and TV series at home and abroad.

The Tiffany Diamond
Tiffany started designing diamond jewelries in the middle of the 19th century. In 1848, Charles Lewis Tiffany brought diamonds back to New York from the Europe, and those diamonds broadened the outlook of the upper class. Therefore, he was called the ling of Diamonds. The birth of The Tiffany Diamond laid its foundation in the colored diamond field in 1878. As one of the most world-famous diamonds, the cushion-shaped yellow diamond that weights 128.54ct and has 82 cuts symbolizes supreme honor of Tiffany in the diamond field.

Audrey Hepburn wore The Tiffany Diamond set in a Ribbon Rosette necklace that designed by Jean Schlumberger to promote the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She quoted “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” of Keats to praise the diamond necklace. Jean Schlumberger set a vivid bird on the yellow diamond and called it Bird On a Rock which means canary yellow. In 2012, to pay homage to the 175th anniversary, Tiffany redesigned the yellow diamond. The diamond was set a diamond necklace with classical and modern style. The yellow diamond stands out in the white diamond necklace, representing the promise to the heritage and the originality.