ÍR sport – come and play...


ÍR – Breiðholt Sports Association – offers:

  • Dance, athletics, handball, basketball, football, bowling, skiing, judo and taekwondo
  • ÍR Sports School for children aged 3-6, Compulsory School Sports School for 6-year-old children; Women’s Keep Fit, Jogging Group and Keep Fit for elderly people
  • Sports on offer from three years and up
  • Practice tables can be seen on the ÍR homepage, irsida.is
  • It’s not expensive to practice sport with ÍR – and it’s even cheaper if you use the Leisure Card and the IR multi-purpose subsidy
    Parents are welcomed into entertaining social activities

Grant for leisure activities

Frístundakortið [Leisure Card] is a grant for all children between 6-18 years old. The grant can  be used to underwrite practice fees for all sorts of recreational activities, such as playing sports with ÍR. To allocate the grant go to Reykjavík Digital, http://rafraen.reykjavik.is. Information can be found there in Polish/ English/ Thai. Service center in Breiðholt, Álfabakki 12 tel: , assists with allocating the grand if requested as well as the staff of ÍR on tel. and the staff in Telephone Assistance Center [Símaver] in Reykjavík tel. 

ÍR multi-purpose grant

The ÍR multi-purpose grant is a refund to those who practise more than one field of sport with ÍR over the school year. The amount of the grant is ISK 5,000 if a practice fee is paid for two fields of sport, ISK 10,000 for three fields of sport, etc. Note that the participant’s representative must seek support himself/herself to be repaid. Further information can be provided by an ÍR collection officer, or tel. .